Mar 13 2009

Sex Play Cam

local webcam girl gets naughty

Q: What do you get when you cross a dating site and a webcam site?
A: Sex Play Cam

I guess, if you like webcams it’s the same thing but the girl is actually in your area so if u get on you can stay in touch and maybe meet up. I’m just looking at my area right now and they have a real mix of ladies from more mature 50+ ladies to pierced “slavegirls” to shy and busty girls to just horny chicks out for a good time!

Here’s an example of a horny chick putting on a show for you teen sweety strips and plays for you movies

I am definitely getting more and more into webcams. It’s so easy with guaranteed results. Good, clean, honest fun.. well, you can be as honest as you want to be.. check out more babes at…

Sex Play Cam

Mar 3 2009

Big Oiled Boobies

Big Oiled Boobies webcam movie

When it comes to XXX webcam shows I’m finding that you can have an amazing show one day and an ok one the next. You’ve got to check the girl out before you go private and look for clues to if she’s going to do a good show or not. A smoking hot babe might not try and an average looking girl with big tits might set your screen on fire!!

Here, is cute latina “BaddGirl” who has a luscious body and really does work tha camera. Things start off a little slowly as we see a closeup of her boobs while she types some replies. Then the show begins, she’s in private and straight away she moves the camera angle and gets up on the bed, working that hot latin booty and fantastic tits as she dances to a song. The dancing is nice and she is really fucking hot, but the temperature is ramped up when she gets back down to the camera and drenches those big breasts in oil and brings them out, rubbing them all over so her perfect tits are fully oiled up. She’s still dancing and shaking her booty when she starts to pour oil over that round behind. A few squirts of oil later and both her heaving bosom and big, round ass are fully oiled up, and her panties are off and… Big Oiled Boobies webcam movie

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Mar 2 2009

Horny Blonde Trophy Wife

Horny blonde trophy wife gets fucked by her blind date

Hooking up with someone on a dating website can take a while so while I look around and gather tips on how to filter out the time-wasters and get straight to the top-class pussy, here’s some promo movies from XXX Black Book. I like this site! As you look around there’s plenty to do, lots of fit women and you can browse profiles or chat with girls online in the webcam area. Some of the women on the webcam chat area were good.

I found one older lady who was very horny, she kept asking me questions about myself and when I gave an answer she liked she would make this suggestive face and seemed to touch herself. She was quite pretty and we were both enjoying the flirting so we went to a private room to see what would happen. I started to talk dirty, working on the types of questions she’d asked me to tell her exactly what I wanted to do to her. I studied her reactions to modify my approach and eventually she got soo horny, she had a hand inside her panties and was frantically rubbing her clit as I turned her on. At this point she had taken off her robe and was just in her underwear so I asked her to take off her bra before I made her cum. The bra came straight off and she played with her nipples for me as she rubbed her horny twat. Seconds later the screen went kinda blurry, couldn’t figure it out for a second but then I realised she was pressing her panties on the webcam, then as she came I saw her soaking wet, swollen pussy for a second, then her red lips kissed the camera and connection went.

Something tells me she was married and I’ll never see her online again but maybe I will and maybe I’ll get her to do a sexy strip for me next time and show herself rubbing her horny twat like a horny slut…

Feb 27 2009




Body Type Athletic
Hair Color Blonde
Likes Tattoos and porn magazines
Dislikes Guys with no experience

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I’m an athletic girl. I’m into cheerleading and volleyball. My life is not only about sports because I’m also active in school. If I have extra time I go out with my friends. Go to clubs, shop or just sit around and talk about cute guys in school. I’m single, ready to mingle and very willing to have fun with you.

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Feb 22 2009

New Webcams..

Today I thought I’d try a new site to compare the girls on this one to the one I tried yesterday. There was one I liked here called “TrulyNaughty”.. not sure why I liked her, maybe its because she was a very cute asian babe, Thai maybe, who looked very down-to-earth and normal, but who actually got really slutty and nasty. Mmmm. I like asian chicks and there seemed to be plenty of them online when I was… there was also a very cute blonde webcam babe called “NAKEDVIRGIN”, I hope she’s around next time I’m online…

Feb 21 2009

Online Dating and Webcams…

Ok, so as a single guy I got a bit bored the other day so I decided to have some fun online. So, I surfed for a while and eventually came across all these dating and webcams sites. It’s so easy, you don’t even have to leave your house to hookup. Depending on what you’re after for that particular second you can either make some moves with some sexy babes in your area, or you can chat with a gorgeous webcam babe who could be anywhere in the world.

While looking around there seemed to be a lot of spanish-speaking South American and eastern european girls, but there were also some asian chicks and US webcam models. What I liked about them was that you could literally ask them anything. Normal stuff they were fine with, as long as they could understand the question, anything sexier and you had to go into private. You could definitely have some fun just chatting for free, but the chat was all the better for knowing that you were about to get this honey naked and alone for the private show. If you chose the right question, you could make her laugh, get a revealing answer and really enjoy the show when she got down and serious in the private area.

My favorite girl today was wearing this shiny yellow bikini and had big breasts…